The party is always better when everyone’s invited. Because when everyone is welcome, anything feels possible and life is infinitely more fun!

Smirnoff believes intersectionality is a superpower, not a setback, and we’ve always celebrated the full spectrum of expression in the LGBTQUIA+ community. Now we’re encouraging everyone to show up and show off their most authentic selves.


Smirnoff has a proud history of celebrating expression with the LGBTQUIA+ community for over 50 years, and our support is only growing stronger.

Our ever-expanding array of flavors and products mirrors the ever-expanding expression of the LGBTQUIA+ community. From our classic No. 21 vodka to Pink Lemonade, Peach Lemonade, and Spicy Tamarind, we're serving flavor..


As transgender, gender-nonconfirming and BIPOC queer communities face renewed attacks, there’s an urgent need to advocate for and support those most vulnerable. Let’s show up for our community and show off our true colors by coming together to celebrate every identity.